Thursday, January 26, 2006

New WFH spot

(Pencil, Photoshop)

This spot will appear in the next Women For Hire Magazine for an article about everyday influential women leaders. So look for my piece when you get the new issue!

Self Portrait

5 Min Self

Here's a quick sketch of my beautiful mug. Thats not a needle by the way...

The Don

The Don
(Pen, collage)

Although I'm an avid Red Sox fan, I have to say that the first batting stance I ever mimicked was The Don's. Something about that turned out heel spoke to me. It was almost as if he was turning his heel at the establishment or maybe he was getting a head start back to the bench. In any case, It was different and I liked it. Almost as much as The Don loves "Fantastic little drawings of spiders," which was his answer to the question what is your favorite thing on this planet ever for all time, when asked by the makers of TOPPS 1986 baseball cards. The Don and I had a lot in common then. I can't help but think of the retired The Don standing in front of his vast collection of tiny framed arachnid drawings, turning his heel out and, with a gentle grin, taking a swing.

Monday, January 02, 2006


I've had this kicking around my sketchbook in thumbnail form. This is where I'm at as of Day 2 of 2006. We've had plumbing problems in my aptartment, water leaking everywhere. I don't think The Ginormous Cow is responsible, but what if she is? Mooin' around on the roof droppin' stickball bats down our vents, sqeezin' milk from her six pack, gettin high on fungus that grows off her feces. I'll be its TGC.....