Friday, July 29, 2005

Better than the Original

An Incredible-er Journey
(Pencil, Digital)
Ok, remember when there was an "earthshake" and all the babies were separated from the moms and dads and the babies were forced to go on an incredible journey to find their mothers and the Great Valley? Well, this is kind of the same except with more plastic and more holes, way more holes.

Brown Bagged Legs

Almonds are for Lovers
Another train sketch turned illustration. This guy really did have that windbreaker on. It was wicked sweet and I wanted it. I wanted him to want to give it to me for free. Alas, he never did.

Up to Speed 2

The Hand
(Pencil, Digital)
A life drawing spawned illustration of an odd occurance on a train.

Up to Speed

The 747 Hit a Unicorn So Everyone Lived
(Ink Digital)
A piece I did before a flight from Phoenix to Manchester. I've nev
er been a big fan of flying, but I'd never be afraid if I was sure unicorns were on the ground protecting us.

Brown Baggin' It
(Pencil, Collage, Digital)
piece I did for Desert Living for an article on how to throw your own brown bag mystery wine extravaganza. If you look closely, you can see the guy in blue is with the blonde, but he's makin' eyes at the fiery redhead. The texture in the background there is 100% real recycled brown bag. This piece drips with authenticity.

Mike Stackhouse
(pencil, Digital)
The sketch was done on the spot and colored on the computer. Mike Stackhouse is an incredible musician. He and Ian make up Special Band and they are amazing. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a practice session with Rum Tenor, another excellent act from AZ.
Check out their website -

First Things First

Welcome to my brand spanking new outlet/sounding board for my newest illustration work. Seeing as how my website ( ) has become obsolete, I figured this would be a simple, immediate way to get back on track. So, here it goes...

Beth the Baby Killer
(Ink, Digital)
Beth had two potential children and neglected them both resulting in their eventual rotting away and consumption by ants. She was on them for a while, but I guess she just got bored. Unfortunately, Brendan got in the way as I was drawing her. (Click on the image to make it larger.)